Where Have I Been?

I don’t even know where to begin.

amaya (1)

My parents ripped me out of the only habitat I know. Good bye beaches and amazing sunsets!

amaya (3)

Good bye Jocelyn, the one and only friend that I know.

amaya (6)

It’s enough to make a girl want to slap someone!

amaya (7)

What…it’s my story? What is time out?

amaya (4)

Anyways, what was so important that I had to leave my Maryland family, friends, and only habitat I know?

amaya (2)

All I hear these days is studio, studio, studio. Know one is talking about my birthday plans or fixing my hair. Just this studio thing.

amaya (5)

I have to say it’s a pretty amazing place. It feels all magical. I Suddenly started crawling…


And there are all kinds of great things to play with.

amaya (8)

I still would like to visit a salon or something, but this studio thing is pretty cool. And so are my TN Grandparents, lol! This studio thing might work out for me.

Stayed tuned to see what my supplement for Jocelyn is and my new trick that’s going to drive my parents NUTS!!!!

One thought on “Where Have I Been?

  1. Amaya! We miss you and your parents! Jocelyn wishes you were here so she could show you her new tooth and all her new wrestling moves. Be good to your parents… and tell them they better start getting your hair under control (even though you are still the best looking girl in TN when you have wild curls)!

    Love, Jocelyn, Kat, and Dave

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