Where Have I Been?

I don’t even know where to begin. My parents ripped me out of the only habitat I know. Good bye beaches and amazing sunsets! Good bye Jocelyn, the one and only friend that I know. It’s enough to make a girl want to slap someone! What…it’s my story? What is time out? Anyways, what was […]


A Too Cute Dress

My parents won’t stop buying me clothes. I really can’t complain, but it’s just that they like to take so many pictures when the do. Since they made me take pictures, I shared the pain and worked out mommy’s arms. I get such a kick out of the airplane game! My mommy gave me a workout […]


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Mom in the Muddle

Getting Through All Life Slings Her Way


Give Our Kids the Freedom We Had

Motherhood, WTF?

I'm the mom who makes you feel better about your parenting.


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