Boomerang Bottles

Today I ran into the most peculiar thing….

boomerang bottle (3)

It’s a baby bottle that’s not meant for drinkin’

boomerang bottle (2)

It says right here, that just like a well-tossed boomerang, these bottles leave empty, but come back full of coins, currency, and checks.

boomerang bottle (5)

It’s supposed to help purchase diapers, wipes, educational material, car sears and much more to help parents in crisis be the best parents they can be…?

boomerang bottle (4)

Parents in crisis? Mom GET THE PIGGY BANK!!!

boomerang bottle (6)

I’m breaking into my piggy bank, but I want you to do your part.

Bring your loose change down to my parents studio because there’s four of these bottles laying around here.

Just call them at 615-246-1700 for directions and all of that.

Or if you want to help the Open Door Pregnancy Center (facebook) directly call 615-384-HOPE

boomerang bottle (1)

If you’re anything like me, you want every baby to have the same opportunity to smile and giggle. So I’ll see you soon.

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