Moms Are the First to Rise and Last to Sleep – Guest Post

But the truth is..

Dads wake up early too, sometimes.

Recently Kristen featured a series of pictures of me and Amaya sleeping. You moms jumped on it like white on rice. “Moms are the last to go to sleep and the first to wake up,” someone said.

Yeah, well I thought everyone should know dads are up at the wee hours too (on the weekends). And we deal with hard stuff too (like changing pee diapers). And we rock them to sleep (as long as they’re not crying). Plus, we spend lots of quality time with our children (when they’re smiling).

So, there dads make special sacrifices too when it comes to raising children.



4 thoughts on “Moms Are the First to Rise and Last to Sleep – Guest Post

  1. You are absolutely right, Dwayne. Daddy’s do make a great deal of sacrifices. You should always be proud of all that you do. All the little things add up and make a great deal of difference. Love the great daddy you are.

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