Too Cute Tuesday – My Daddy’s Birthday

Daddy’s Birthday

I can’t believe it, but my dad is 348 months today. It is his special day, so mommy recorded this very special video for daddy first thing this morning.

My First Card

After that, mommy helped me make this very special card and shirt. Daddy just loved it and could not stop laughing when he walked through the door.


He enjoy his favorite home cooked meal…pizza. And he had homemade cookies and cream cheesecake that mommy and me made yesterday. How he didn’t see it in the fridge is beyond me, but now I know I can sneak anything into the house. He also played on his new Ipad thing which I’m sure I’ll break in a few years.


One thought on “Too Cute Tuesday – My Daddy’s Birthday

  1. Grandpa Stoner and I really like your shirt and birthday card. You and mommy did a really good job. Glad daddy really enjoyed his dinner and presents from you and mommy. You are really getting big. We can’t wait to see you again very soon. Hugs and kisses from Grandpa and Grandma Stoner. We love you very very much.

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