1 Month Doctor Visit

Today was my 1-month doctor’s appointment. Mommy and I had to get up a little early to get ready. I do not like when mommy wakes me up early because she turns on all of the bright lights. Once I got my breakfast, I was much better and I got to wear my cute outfit that Grandma got me. Remember last Tuesday when I told you all that mommy and daddy kept talking about a big surprise. Mommy is the one that got the surprise not me, I did not have to have any shots! Boy was I glad. The doctor told mommy that we would wait until my 2-month checkup for the shots. Once mommy found this out, she was relieved. But I had to get naked so that that I could be weighed. Boy, how embarrassing is that to have to be naked and the room is so cold. Of course, mommy just had to take a picture. The doctor said that I have gained 1 oz every day since my last appointment, which means that I now weigh 8 lbs 8 oz.

The doc says this is very good. He  had many great things to say about me. He checked my eyesight and said that my ability to focus was great. I even showed him how I could follow his little light with my eyes. He put me on my belly and I showed him how strong I was by doing what the doctor called “baby pushups.” I even held my head up and looked at him while he was talking to me. He said that my leg strength was outstanding, because I was bearing my weight on them. He told mommy that many babies do not start to do this until they are 2 to 3 months old.

Mommy was proud of me for showing the doctor how many milestones I had reached. And I was glad that I didn’t have to have any shots.

2 thoughts on “1 Month Doctor Visit

  1. Oh Amaya, You are the most adorable granddaughter in all the world. You handled the doctor visit like a champ. You got those champ genes from your mommy and daddyt. You know you have the best mommy and daddy in the world, right? Anyway keep up the good work. Love you much. Grandpa and grandma Fonville

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