Too Cute Tuesday – Pink Flower Dress

Well you guessed it, it is Too Cute Tuesday! Mommy and I played dress up all day because I had to find the perfect outfit to show off today. I bet I tried on a dozen different outfits, but I finally decided on a dress that my Great Aunt Candy got me. She has such great taste. It is a light pink dress from Gymboree with matching shoes and headband.The shoes and headband do not quite fit yet, but I am sure I will be in them soon. The dress has cute ruffles at the top and beautiful flowers at the bottom, see?

Not much is going on with me I have discovered that I love baths. The animals have not placed much interest in me and I do not really care for them either. That will probably change once I have food in my hands. Mommy and I do have a play date tomorrow. We are going to meet with a group of other mommies in the area and maybe I will make some new friends. Friday, I have a doctor’s appointment and mommy keeps telling me that there is going to be a big surprise. Although, I did not like the surprise last time. I do not really have much more. If you have any comments or suggestions on what you want to see or hear about next, just drop me a line in the comment box below.

4 thoughts on “Too Cute Tuesday – Pink Flower Dress

  1. two cute is right, i love the dress and the pretty flowers on the bottom, have fun on your play date tomorrow, give mommy a big hug, she deserves it

  2. You are absolutely beautiful Amaya. You are growing so much. I hope you and mommie have lots of fun on your play date. Grandpa Stoner and I love you very much and miss you.

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