Growing up one month at a time

Amaya is sleeping (thank god) so we are going to post for her today. Amaya turned 1 month old and although it has been a lot of sleepless nights and poopy diapers, we are super excited because she reached some of the milestones. Dad is adjusted to work with a baby since he gets to sleep through the night and mom has a schedule for Amaya during the day. Occasionally, Amaya decides to follow it.

Anyway, measures milestones in three major categories movement, visual/hearing, and smell/touch. Get the detailed list on their website. Here is the stuff we noticed in each category.

Movement Milestones

She makes jerky arm movements. Her hands are all over her mouth, eyes, and she even pulls her hair. She moves her head from side to side when lying on her stomach, but not without screaming.

We feel kind of bad because the site says her head flops backwards if unsupported and this is definitely true. And there is hardly ever a moment when her fists aren’t clenched.

Visual and Hearing Milestones

She focuses on things and her eyes wander to what we swear are ghosts in the house. She must prefer black and white and high-contrast patterns since she likes being passed back and forth between us (We are a bi-racial couple for readers who aren’t aware). There is nothing more pleasing than her mother’s voice and occasionally her dad’s singing. When we lay her down and talk to her, she will turn towards our voices. She also recognizes dad’s voice when I put him on the speakerphone.

Smell and Touch Milestones

Boy, does she know the scent of mommy’s breastmilk. And as far as the rest of this section goes what baby prefers rough handling and the smell of rancid foods?! Along with watching her milestones, we also decided to measure her height and weight by taking a photo in the same outfit for her first year.

3 thoughts on “Growing up one month at a time

  1. Too precious!!! Grandma and Grandpa Stoner are proud of her three milestone accomplishments. You go girl. She will be sitting up, crawling and even walking before you know it. Mommy and Daddy are doing a great job. What a beautiful family. Love you all!

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